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Amy Crawley will host the October swap.

Please note that you must mail your beads to her, even if you plan on attending the meeting.

Please make sure you send 15 beads. Our swaps have grown and I cannot guarantee that you will get to keep a bead for yourself. I encourage you to make extra beads if you wish to keep one for yourself.

Here are the details for the October swap.

Theme: Leaf cane swap. For instructions, please refer to

Format: Beads

Requirements: 15 beads. The cane must incorporate, at a minimum, two of the following colors: Orange, yellow, gold, red, copper, brown. The beads should be no larger than one square inch and no smaller than ¾ inch. All beads must be ready for stringing.

Due Date: Wednesday, October 18.

RSVP: By Friday, September 8.

Please put the beads in a baggie and include your name. Please include money or stamps ($3.20 priority stamp) for return postage and a return label.

One or two beads will go toward the guild bead strand. If you have any questions, please email me at