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Theme: Natasha Beads. (I have instructions on creating Natasha beads. I can email, fax or mail them to you. I am looking for an online site, but have not found one yet.)     

Format: Beads

Requirements: 15 beads. The beads should be one and a half (1 1/2) inches in size. The color choice is up to you. Your beads should have black end caps to provide some continuity. The end caps can be pc or other material. Remember, Natasha beads can be strung for a necklace, worn individually as a pendant or can be used as zipper pulls. Be creative!

Due Date: Next guild meeting, Saturday, November 18.

Please put the beads in a baggie and include your name. If you are unable to make the next meeting, you may send your beads to me. Please include money or stamps for return postage.

One or two beads will go toward the guild bead strand.